ATTOS, Luxury Department Boutique: The Luxe of Love

- by citiJ, Shanghai
August 24, 2012 (Updated)

- by citiJ, Shanghai
April 3, 2012 (Original)

In the mid of December 2011, in a very heart of Shanghai on West Nanjing Road, we saw a rise of a new star in city's luxury retailing — 'ATTOS爱徒: Luxury Department Boutique'. This week, CitiJ is glad to present our interview with Mr. Paul Ji — the person behind the concept of this new boutique.

CitiJ: Thank you for welcoming us at ATTOS, Mr. Ji! First question we are curious about is — What is the concept which lays behind ATTOS?
ATTOS: Basically, main motivation for any business of any kind is about generating profit, which is money. At ATTOS, our key motivation is sharing love. In China and Chinese culture, love is about family and friends, but when it comes to business relationships...is there any love at all? I hardly think so! And furthermore, for most of people it even seems impossible to demonstrate love towards ''strangers''.
"生活" (sheng-huo, life), "生命" (sheng-ming, destiny), 生意 (sheng-yi, business) are known to go their own separate ways in China and one doesn't cross another. In case with ATTOS, our goal and passion are to demonstrate our love towards all people around ATTOS, customers or non-customers, through our business, what we do and what we are. We don't separate our paths one from another, but rather engage more people to encounter, accept, enjoy, and share love, Agape (ATTOS' Mission).

Mr. Paul Ji, CEO,
'ATTOS: Luxury Department Boutique', Shanghai

Ms. Rebecca Yeh, Marketing Communications Director, '
ATTOS: Luxury Department Boutique', Shanghai

CitiJ: Why have you chosen such an industry to show you love towards people in? Why fashion, why luxury?
ATTOS: I've chosen fashion because fashion is where a love paradox begins. Being closely linked to the matters of love and beauty (for example, woman likes to dress up for her loved one, etc.), modern fashion, however, fails to reflect those things in their true fullest and event dilutes those. Now, fashion cares only about looks and how people see us on our outside. We forget to pay attention to what we are on the inside and what we are truly about. Our ''cover'' might be attractive and fashionable yet often with a hollow, fruitless and un-beautiful heart inside, sadly!
God made all things beautiful and fashion can complement our beauty too; nothing is wrong with it...Body, Soul, Spirit. But it will only work in case we do it in a proper way from the inside out, not the way around. Through fashion we sort of make other people like us, appreciate us more, treat us better while it isn't what fashion's original aim is about. Fashion and even most beautiful things won't bring us and our hearts essence and peace; they won't make you complete, fulfilled and truly beautiful! Auguste Rodin's famous quote states it's about the eyes and their inner power to see beauty and express beauty.

ATTOS, 1st Floor. Fashion Accessories: Leather Goods, Sunglasses, Jewelry Pieces

ATTOS, 2nd Floor. Luxury Jewellery and Timepieces Lounge

ATTOS and Its Branded Jewellery Pieces and Unique Style Sunglasses with Replaceable Temples

CitiJ: Apart from main European top class fashion brands (Celine, Blumarine, Givenchy, Casadei, etc.), you also carry your own ATTOS brand products? What is so special about them?
ATTOS: We do carry products under our own ATTOS brand. Those are leather accessories, jewellery pieces and sunglasses mainly; everything is of our own design. As well, we carry a great variety of other renowned fashion brands from France, Italy, etc., thus giving a customer an option to choose. Drawing a parallel, God also gives us a choice and free will to seek His love or not, love Him or not because this is what Love is about — freedom of choice. ATTOS grants its customers a right to choose whether it would be, for example, a handbag under ATTOS brand or any other, or maybe you won't make a purchase in our store at all, we are still here to share our love and we certainly won't reject you.

ATTOS Handbag with a Bible verse ''in cross''
on it
1 Corinthians 13:4-8: Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things; believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things.  

'ATTOS' stands for 'Agape' (Love), 'Tendenza' (Trend/Development), 'Technologia' (Technology), 'Onesta' (Integrity), 'Semplicita' (Simplicity).
On the photo: Zipper 'Love', 'Faith', 'Hope'

Superstar Sammi Cheng (郑秀文), a new-born Christian, took a part in ATTOS' Opening Ceremony in December 2011 in Shanghai.
On the photo: Sammy Cheng on a big screen inside the store

CitiJ: What are your plans for the nearest future?
ATTOS: In December 2011, we opened our first boutique in Shanghai on 931 West Najing Rd.; or in other words, what we did is — we introduced world's first luxury brand with a meaning and true message of love behind. God is love! We are planning on spreading over 30 locations across China. Currently, we are very much focused on accessories, jewellery and timepieces. In the future, we shall develop some other categories too.
It's a challenge to be in such kind of industry, but I believe we can do things we have in our hearts. People easily fall in love with simple tasks; same easily they start to regret and get frustrated once favorable circumstances change and reveal those tasks won't ever fulfill and bring them promised fruits. In our case, we can be sure we won't be heartbroken because circumstances can't change who we are and Who we are ''made'' by.

Handbags at 'ATTOS: Luxury Department Boutique' in Shanghai

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爱徒: Luxury Department Boutique
No. 931 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Special thanks to Ms. Rebecca Yeh from ATTOS for making the interview and photo session happen. CitiJ sends warm regards to the whole team of ATTOS and wishes much love and loyalty from their current and prospective customers and business partners! 
All photographs in the article — by Khee Mumbi Kuguru.

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